The right answer, every time.


SenseIQ is all about making it easy for your frontline team get it right, so everything we do is designed to streamline the user experience to find the knowledge you need. Fast. Click the screenshots below for a closer look at how SenseIQ can make the difference. 

Multiple Knowledge Bases

Keep things organised by using multiple knowledge bases. You can separate call scripting from general FAQs and have each team manage their own knowledge in a way that works best for them.  

Team members only see the knowledge bases they are assigned to based on their login permissions.

Trending Articles

The trending articles keyword adds a list of the most popular articles to any content in your knowledge base.

Quickly point your team to the most common answers before they need to search anything at all.

Easy to Search

Simple, fuzzy searching, with search suggestions as you type, helps your team find the right answers, fast.  

SenseIQ’s intelligent search automatically returns the closest result at the top of the list.

Article Categories

Categories help you narrow down results without limiting your search making it faster to find the knowledge you need. 

Intelligent Glossary

Make it easier for your team to remember acronyms or company jargon. 

SenseIQ’s Glossary function automatically tags words or phrases with a helpful tooltip – keeping you content concise but accurate every time.


Find your way to the right answers

Decision trees make it easy to navigate through complex processes. 

By making step by step choices, you don’t need to remember every option, or every consequence.

Not only are decision trees powerful and easy to use, they are also easy to create and manage thanks to SenseIQ

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