Scheduled Article Review

Information and knowledge are important to your front line staff. Now with the ability to schedule reviews of your articles you will be able to check your knowledge and make sure it's kept current and up to date.

You will be able to select your review period within the article editor for between 3 months and 24 Months.

Review Draft Articles

We have introduced the ability to create a draft article and send it off for review before this get published. Allowing for more users to create content but still having the security of the KB owner or editor to review, approve and publish the articles.

Management of Articles

New management functionality has arrived.

As the result of end user feedback we have add the ability for workspace owners and editors to complete tasks to multiple articles all at once.

- Bulk publish articles
-Bulk unpublish articles
- Bulk categorize articles
- Bulk delete of articles

Embedded Links In Articles

We have now added the ability to easily link to another article within the body of an article rather than have the links below the article for as easier flow.