Decision Links

We have introduced the ability to directly create new articles from the decision link section of your article. This allows for a more streamlined process of creating your decision trees.

Decision trees are available across all paid plans on SenseIQ.

Free Trial Now Available

Now when you sign up to SenseIQ you will get a free trial of our Business plan for 30 days*. The Business plan is our most popular plan.

Our Business plan includes some great additional features, including access to our public API, article versioning and change management.

Check out all the features here:

* At the end of the 30 days, your account will revert back to the free Basic plan (unless you've changed your subscription type in the interim).

Need Help?

All workspaces now have the ability to show the SenseIQ Support Base wherever you are in SenseIQ.

By clicking on the question mark icon on the bottom right of your screen, you will have access to all the support guides.

This base will help guide you through various tasks, like setting up knowledge bases and content creation.

Quality of Life Improvements

- In this release we have made numerous performance enhancements, including database improvements and the user experience on mobile devices.
- Unpublished articles are now also removed from decision trees.
- We have streamlined the sign up process by removing some unnecessary fields.
- We have also added the ability to create "Non Searchable Articles". This gives the creator the option to create articles which will only show up as part of a decision tree structure.

Bug Fixes in this Release

- Fixed an intermittent issue where you could not select some menu items.
- Fixed issue where subscription details would not update after some users change their subscription type.
- Fixed an issue where articles would view differently in Search vs Manage Articles pages on SenseIQ.
- Along with a few other minor tweaks and bug fixes.