Self Sign Up

The SenseIQ team are excited to introduce our self sign up.

Get started straight away with one of our Basic, Team or Business plans and our new sign up and subscription flow will make this super easy to get underway and update or change if you need too!
More information on our plans is available here:

Plans for every business

We have introduced a variety of plans that work for teams and businesses (including a free plan!) and you will only pay for users that are actually logging in and using the product.

Although of course if these plans don't quite meet the unique needs of your organisation or business.......please do talk to us as we would love the opportunity to work out how we can help.

Quality of Life Improvements

- Base Owner will now get any Feedback emails from users as well as Managers
- The Owners of Workspaces and Bases are now visible in the team views

Bug Fixes in this Release

- Fixed issue of performance in Trending Article query (US12689)
- Fixed issue of time out when editing an article for extended period of time (US12617)
- Fixed the special characters in titles impacting search results (US12689)